International multi-instrumentalist and composer consisting of piano, classical flute,  Alto, Native American, Chinese, Indonesian, Egyptian, Arabian, Brazilian, Quenas and Moseno. Hiko plays from his extensive collection of flutes from around the world. His flutes are handmade by gifted masters made especially for him. Hiko is a flutist with proven classical skills, and significant background in solo performance and improvisation. His passionate, appealing performance and demonstrated ability in improvisation have been acknowledged by many. He is Canadian born to Greek and Armenian parents.

Hiko has released his own CD's, "First Embrace", "The Secret Of My Heart" and "Temple Of Sakkara", a collection of original compositions. He is under agreement with Real Music in Sausalito, CA for "Touching Beauty" and "Freedom To Love",  two beautiful compilations released and available worldwide. He is also under agreement with A-PRO a Korean record label in Seoul, Korea. Hiko has recently released a brand new CD entitled "Labyrinth", a collection of broad orchestrations in the style of film scores.

Hiko currently holds the position of principal flute for Candid Concert Opera in Chicago. The silver flute was Hiko's first instrument which he mastered while preparing for a career in classical music. His training included advanced classes and private instruction with now retired principal flute Donald Peck of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Kay Clements of Vandercook College of Music,Linda Crisafulli - Northwestern University and The Magic Flutes, and Mary Stolper principal flute of  Grant Park Symphony of Chicago. In his senior year of high school he was accepted to study with Julius Baker at the Juilliard School of Music. Hiko's compositions are guided by visions and imagery that seem to transform and lift one's energy to a higher place. Hiko has been acknowledged for his work and it's profound ability to help individuals live more fully, expressing their soul's purpose. He considers his flutes to be his vessel into the soul of a culture. As Hiko continues his travels with his magical flutes, he transforms notes into intimate and global portraits of sound.

Fusing New Age with a Classical influence, he produces an ethereal, haunting and heart-warming sound, creating works that are timeless, music that is healing and transforming. He infuses his compositions with deep feelings and emotions of love, beauty and the mystery of the human soul. The originality of his melodies and the lyrical flow of his music, coalesce to transport the listener to a peaceful, beautiful place. Hiko's music has been heard around the globe. From Classical to New Age to Contemporary World Music. His recordings have been used in film scores, short movies, independent movies and documentaries in different places in the world. You may also hear his music driving in your car along the coastal highways of Aruba. His recordings have also been recommended by health care practitioners and physicians worldwide and are highly effective for relaxation, massage, meditation, pain reduction, insomnia, anxiety and spiritual healing.

Hiko offers a workshop entitled "The Voice Of Your Soul". Using his Native American Flutes where participants with no experience is needed for this workshop! It's fun, easy and exciting!
Children and adults across the country have enjoyed these musical workshops. The inspiration for creating these workshops comes from Hiko's audiences. They enjoy the beautiful sounds of his flutes that many ask if they could learn to play these magical instruments. Hiko also provides these workshops for children and adults at schools, universities , museums, community centers, and hospitals. You will leave the workshop knowing how to play the flute and with a flute to keep of your very own! Everyone can be a musician. And, you will learn a beautiful form of self-expression that opens your heart while bringing you peace, joy, and fulfillment.